The South Williamsport Education Foundation is a volunteer 501 (c)(3) organization committed to enhancing the overall student experience by developing partnerships, organizing resources and securing funds for students and educators of the South Williamsport Area School District.

What does the South Williamsport Education Foundation do?

The South Williamsport Education Foundation focuses on making connections with individuals, organizations and local businesses interested in supporting educational programs within the South Williamsport Area School District and identifying those programs that need funding.

The programs selected should enhance the educational experience our children receive during their time in our schools.  They should also empower & encourage our teachers and administrators as they seek a higher level of educational excellence.


* Promote student development through enriching programs and activities.

* Empower young people to strive toward excellence by offering scholarships to South Williamsport Area School District graduates.

* Inspire creativity and innovation among staff by supporting unique growth opportunities.

* Develop community awareness about school programs and partner with individuals and organizations to share resources to enhance learning and facilitate cooperative ventures among the foundation, school district and community groups.

* Secure and administer funds and assets outside of traditional school funding sources to reinforce and supplement the goals of the South Williamsport Area School District.

Board of Directors

Melissa Stahl


Kathie Sinibaldi

V. Chair

Tom Wilson


Adam Dincher


Adam Thompson

Board Member

Anna Patterson

Board Member

Christa Matlack

Board Member

Megan Day Proffitt

Board Member

Alicia Naugle

Board Member

David Samar

Board Member

Kinsie DiPersio

Board Member

Marc Lovecchio

Board Member

Rebecca Swinehart

Board Member

Dr. Eric Briggs

SWASD, Ex-Officio Member

Jamie Mowery

SWASD, Ex-Officio Member

Todd Engel

SWASD Ex-Officio Member